Friday, 11 January 2013

Leon's House, Bedroom - Design & Development

Here is part of a location design and 3D model for Leon's house. I’ve been very inspired by the work of legendary French photographer Atget, and the influence of his work is clearly visible throughout this film.

What fascinates me most about his photographs is the power of story telling, captured by a simple yet stunning way of framing the subject. Even though most of his photographs don’t include physical presence of people, nevertheless the human life is not absent in his work. His interior photography tells me a story of the person who might have just left the room.

Despite the fact that Atget photographs are taken about 40-60 years earlier than the period when Leon spends his childhood in Paris, I was pretty keen to introduce a similar visual quality into some of these locations.

Concept art - Reza Dolatabadi
3D model, texture & render - Jon Botros
Photographs by Eugène Atget


  1. I have always been a fan of old school or classic themed bedrooms. This is just perfect.

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